Therapeutic Respite Care

Gio’s Garden serves families with children with special needs ages birth through six year old of all developmental and physical disability diagnoses or delays by providing respite care to children who are currently on a waiting list for respite care or are not otherwise able to access adequate respite care.

Offering respite care for a few hours each week for each child in a professional, developmentally supportive, fun home-like group setting that encourages growth through play and socialization; Gio’s Garden provides the families with an opportunity for a short break. Gio’s Garden staff plan activities based on the children’s developmental needs and abilities. They work on socialization, motor skills, activities of daily life, emotional skills, and cognitive learning. The activities are adapted to meet the needs of each child. The staff try to incorporate individual goals each time a child attends Gio’s Garden. Gio’s Garden participates in activities on property, but also neighborhood walks and off-site field trips at places such as the library, swimming pool, fire station, and parks.

Gio’s Garden is open from 8am to 8pm seven days a week for families to schedule a time to drop off their child. 

If you are interested in Therapeutic Respite Care, please click here to fill out our Interest Form.

There is a three step process to sign up for Therapeutic Respite Care:

  1. Fill out the Interest Form
  2. Download a Registration Packet, complete all of the forms, and send to Gio’s Garden staff. These forms are required by our state licensing can take a significant amount of time and involves obtaining signatures and information from some of the child’s providers.
  3. Have a meeting with Gio’s Garden lead staff to discuss specific care your child might need during their time, specific goals that staff will try to incorporate in the child’s time at Gio’s Garden, and a start date and schedule for your child. We will also discuss any resources that might be beneficial for your family, trying to connect your family to other organizations and services that may help your child.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact us at and we will be in touch as soon as possible. We look forward to working with your family to try to find the best resources that fits your needs.


Learn More:

Therapeutic Respite: Respite is an opportunity for the child to spend some time away from the parents and the family. Having the child at Gio’s Garden for a few hours a week, helps to start transition the child into a pre-school or school setting so that it is not the first time the child is away from mom or dad. It is also a great opportunity for parents to take care of the things they need to do, such as run errands, spend time with the other children in the family, rest, read a book, visit with a friend, attend any appointments, have date night and to get things done that need to be done. Families can have a worry free morning, afternoon, or evening knowing that their child is in good hands, having fun, and making progress towards their goals.

Eligibility: Children who are eligible for Gio’s Garden services include those children who are under the age of seven and have significant developmental or physical delays, but are not able to receive respite care services from other organizations. This may happen because the child is on a waiting list for funding, a child does not yet have an official diagnosis or a family is not receiving the amount of respite care that they need. If a child is seeing someone for a delay of some sort, they may be eligible (this includes receiving birth to three or any other therapist).

State Licensed: Gio’s Garden is licensed by the State of Wisconsin’s Department of Children and Families as a Family Child Care Center to care for up to 8 children at any one time in our fun, home-like group setting that encourages growth through play and socialization. This means that our staff and the Gio’s Garden house have gone through a rigorous screening, training, and approval process, and are monitored for continued adherence to specific State childcare licensure rules and regulations.