Individual Therapy

Gio’s Garden offers individual sessions to work one on one with children on developmental goals and topics as determined by the families and Gio’s Garden staff. Topics for individual sessions might include learning/cognitive goals, motor skills, sensory regulation, social skills, Leisure Education, etc. The Individual Therapy Team consists of Art Therapists, Recreational Therapists and graduate students and staff in varying special needs fields.

Children can have a maximum of two 1-hour sessions each week. Sessions can be scheduled Monday through Friday. It is recommended that a minimum of four sessions be scheduled within a month to maximize success. Families will work with the Program Director on scheduling these services and they can be started and stopped anytime throughout the year. There is a fee  of $30 per hour for these session.

If you are interested in Individual Therapy, please click here to fill out our Interest Form.

There is a three step process to sign up for Individual Therapy and Tutoring:

  1. Fill out the Interest Form
  2. Download a Registration Packet, complete all of the forms, and send to Gio’s Garden staff. These forms are required by our state licensing can take a significant amount of time and involves obtaining signatures and information from some of the child’s providers.
  3. Have a meeting with Gio’s Garden lead staff to discuss goals you would like your child to get out of therapy, specific care your child might need during their time, and a start date and schedule for your child.


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Recreational Therapy is the meaningful use of recreation and leisure activities to assist your child in achieving goals.  Goals can include fine and gross motor movement, sensory integration, social skills, relaxation techniques, emotional awareness, safety and community awareness as well as others depending on the needs of each child.

Art Therapy focuses on the therapeutic use of art-based techniques to achieve individual goals and encourage cognitive, emotional and behavioral development. Art therapists will provide art experiences that are created for your child that focus on social skills and behavior, fine and gross motor development and sensory integration.